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Alf  Oppøyen landing his Millenium
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Hanggliding blogs...

Bjørn Hammer's HG blog
Active blog in english. (Norway)

Brett Hazlett
Free flight adventures and thoughts from somewhere on the planet... (Canada)

Cris Smith
Gittin' High and Goin' Far! (hopefully) (USA)

Ed Bennet

Jamie Wanders
My travels before I am forced to go back into the real world. (Germany)

Johhy Durand Jr.
News about Hang Gliding and my adventures from around the world!!! (Australia)

Kevin Carter
A place to organize my adventures (USA)

Øyvind Ellefsen's Homepage
Great HG page, with a lot of info, pictures, etc (Norway)

Tom Lanning
Adventures in Hang Gliding (USA)


Cross Country
Magazine about flying hangglider and paraglider

Freestyle hanggliding (Aero
Here you find info about hangglider acrobatics, and the Master of Freestyle event.
Great norwegian hangglider site

Norwegian Aeoro Club (NAK) HG PAGES
Essential info for flying in norway

Redbull Vertigo
The annual Acrobatics event in Villenueve Switzerland

Robin Strid's pictures
Here are a lot of pictures to make your eye big and wet :-)

The Oz report
Daily news, info, etc about hanggliding
Great page with realy good videos from redbull vertigo


Frode Halse's XC site
Frode Halse's site for paragliders in Norway who like XC flying


Global Metogram
enter latitude and longitude

Air Pressure and forcast

Thermal forecast for soaring in the nordic contries
Only available in spring and summer.

TV2 weather site
Exelent weather page, with possibilities for seting up your own page, to get a quick overlook over your flying places in Norway

Weather Link's page
The ultimate weather page!