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AirBorne WindSports
The 2007 extreme sport week
Here are the video from the 2007 Ekstremsport veko in Norway Voss, this year was also the pre worlds in HG Acro. size 56,4 Mb

The joy of flight
A 7 min video of some of the good moments from last year from different locations in Norway. No acro flying in this video, just pure thermalflying and nice landscape :-) Size 17,4 Mb The video is also available on youtube

Scooter towing Lillestrøm
This film is a presentation on how scooter towing can be used for students. Size 12.5 mb Avilable also on youtube

The extreme sport week 2006
This film is showing all the hang gliding from the extreme sport week at Voss Norway. 19 minutes of pure fun :-) Size 54 mb

Vågå open 2004 and flying sites
This film is showing in the first part the 2004 Vaga open (Nordic open championship with 8 of 8 flying days!!!) and then some other flying sites used by our national center for Hang and paragliding. Want to attend to the 2006 Vaga open, please check out Size 7 mb

Vaga open 2005
This is the video made by for the norwegian aero club, The shoots is from Vaga open 2005. Read more about Vaga open on video size 11mb.

Norwegians down under
Here are some video from Australia, Flying from Hay, Tocumwal, Bogong cup and some flying with a Dragonfly. video size 10mb.

Memorial ceremony for Robin Strid, Hay Australia.
Here is the ceremony of Robin Strid in Australia after his terrible accident during the World Championship in Hay. video size ca 5 MB

Arnfinn Markeng at Ekstremsportveko
A video i made for Arnfinn Markeng, Here you can see Arnfinn doing acro training, John Heiney and Jørgen Kjellberg. Size 15 Mb

Extremesport week at Voss
I have made a quick presentasion of some of the best flying from the show saturday at ekstremsportVeko. Her you can see John Heiney with wing cam and more enjoy. Size 13.5 Mb

Johnny loops 2
Johnny "looping" Nilssen loops over mjøsa. Size 0.3 Mb

Johnny loops 1
Johnny Nilssen (Mr looping :-) loops over mjøsa. Size 0.3 Mb

Akro flying at Mjøsa
Akro training at the new place at Mjøsa, pilots flying Jørgen Kjellberg (doing his first loops), Arnfinn Markeng and Jon Gjerde. Size 9.8 MB

Take off Oslo
Robin launches next to the Sailor schole in Oslo 18 may, Notise the Oslo habour and Aker brygge on the other side! Size 0.45 Mb

Looping over Voss
Jon Gjerde doing a serie of loops and wingovers at Voss, during the norwegian acrobatics seminar May 2004. Size 1.29MB

Alf Oppøyen landing at Trøgstad
Alf doing a "lowpass" landing at Trøgstad with his Millenium. Size 1.36Mb

Take off with trike at Vole
Åge Anderstuen starting with a trike at the road behind the Hanggliderstart at Vole. Size 0.5 Mb

Aero towing with trike at Starmoen nr 4
Stein Strandli taking off at Starmoen, video by Fridtjov Konglevoll size 0.7 Mb

Aero towing with trike at Starmoen nr 3
Fridtjov Konglevoll taking off at Starmoen while footlaunching after the trike, size 1.71 Mb

Aero towing with trike at Starmoen nr 2
Me taking off at Starmoen while footlaunching after the trike, I have to abort the start while i came to high above the trike. the video is not edited so you can skip half the video while watching it. I will put out som edited versions later , video by Fridtjov Konglevoll size 3.91 Mb

Aero towing with trike at Starmoen nr 1
Jørgen Kjellberg taking off at Starmoen, video by Fridtjov Konglevoll size 1.76 Mb

A day out at Ringerudkollen
Johnny Nilsen and me on goes for a trip to Ringerudkollen, Wheather is not good, snowing, low cloudbase, but we manage to fly after all :-) Size 12.2 Mb

Olav Opsanger lowpass at Salknappen
Olav Opsanger does a lowpass at Salknappen during Norwegian championship 03, This is the same lowpass wich are pictured in the XC magsin. size 0.7 Mb

Students at Sundvollen 17.01.04
The HG students from Oslo HG club starting (Linda, Terje and Jan Erik) size 6.8 Mb

Robin landing on ice
Robin Strid landing on the ice downwind. size 2.41 Mb

Landing width tandem
Erik Bergseter landing his tandemwing on the ice. size 1.64 Mb

Flying from Vole
Stein Edgar Strandli flying from vole and landing at Sørem 30.05.2003. Size 7Mb

Robin Strid Flying at Odderøya
Robin starting on odderøya

Lowpass by Olav Opsanger
Olav Opsanger does a lowpass at the national center in Vågå! video by Robin Strid. Size 4.32 Mb

Lowpass by Jon Gjerde
Jon Gjerde does a lowpass at the national center, turns and make a perfekt landing! video by Robin Strid. Size 6.17 Mb

Landing at Sørem in high traffic!
Landing at Sørem during the Nordic championship 02, the air is very crowded of Hanggliders and one pilot is almost flying into the other at the landing! Video by Robin Strid. Size 2.72 Mb

Johnny launches at Frya
Johnny is starting at frya with his Airborn Climax. Video by Robin Strid. Size 2.37 Mb

Torval flying at Odderøya
Torval is flying on Odderøya in Kristiansand with his paraglider, while the ferry to Denmark is passing by! Filmed by Robin Strid. Size 3.92 Mb

What some hangglider pilots does when they are not flying :-)
Size 4.08Mb

Robin S. at salknappen
Robin Strid does some low passes at salknappen. size 3Mb

Stein Strandli is starting at Salknappen
size 1.18Mb

Flying with microlite aircraft at spydberg 18.05.03
Me and Robin Strid flying at Spydberg. file size 7MB

Flying at Sundvollen 23.03.03
Stein Edgar Strandli flying at Sundvollen 23.03.03 testing my DV camera under the ving width a wide-angel lence. Size 13.6Mb

HG student class at Aarvoll
Video from the student hill. Carl and his ving, and me borrowing it one trip :-) size 3.1Mb