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"Up where we belong", out for sale!

Many people have asked me to create a hangglider movie soon, since I captures a lot of HG film. And finaly I have decided to create a DVD to satisify the hunger for some real hangglider action movies :-)

The film is 32 min long and show a lot of acrobatics, hangglider competisions and free flying in norway

Price of the film is 200 Nok or 25 Euro + shipping cost . Printing the DVD is expensive and I have to pay music rights

Order, Questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me on mail. For orders please send me your name and address. As I am out travelling around the world, it might take some time before I reply :-)

(This is just an image to tell you the address, or else I got all the spam mails, which I hate!)

I can be contacted on my phone: +47 928 62 877, but please just send me SMS messages, calls are expensives to recive abroad.